Monday, 26 November 2012

The Making of "THE PAIN"

THE PAIN Painted by Isha Trivedi "Isha Trivedi"

This is the original Photoshop painting by Seema Chaubey, a photographer by profession. Once I had told her that I would like to paint one of her Photoshop paintings on canvas, and here it is.

Medium used: Oil colors
For Sketching: Charcoal Stick
Colors used: Yellow ochre , Burnt Umber, Burnt Sienna, Ivory Black and Flake White
Brushes used: Flat synthetic hair brushes of size number 2, number 4, number 8 and number 12. Round brush of size number 2 (to paint the teardrop)
Canvas: stretched canvas of size 16x16

"Isha Trivedi"

Day 1

I usually don’t like to use too much of oil while painting. Firstly it makes the painting look thicker and richer, secondly it’s easier to smudge and thirdly it dries sooner as compared to using oils. (In this painting I haven’t used oil only for the tear drop) 

Step 1- Sketching

Using charcoal stick

"Isha Trivedi"

Step 2- I applied a thick coating of colors.
I used yellow ochre for lights,
Burnt umber for darks
And a mix of burnt sienna + burnt umber + yellow ochre for shadows.
There is an empty space on the right hand side. I colored it black to give a strong base. And in the end dabbed sponge on it using burnt umber.

Step 3- Smudging

I smudged some parts with finger, some with sponge and some with fan brush. I used fan brush to smudge hairline as it gives nice-smooth linear effect. 

"Isha Trivedi"

"Isha Trivedi"

Step 4- Features

In this step I sharpened the features by outlining it with burnt umber. 

Then I left the painting to dry for a day.

Day 2

Step 1- Teardrop

I mixed Yellow Ochre and White with some linseed oil and painted it with the round brush. Here I used oil to make the color little transparent.

"Isha Trivedi"

Step 2 –Coloring the empty space

Final step. The empty space that we colored black a day before was now been dabbed with a sponge using Burnt Umber. 

Final Painting
The Pain Painted by Isha Trivedi "Isha Trivedi"

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